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Sama Star ElevatorsSpecialized in the supply, installation and maintenance of elevators of all kinds The company was established in 2003 after ten years of experience in the field of elevators and is one of the international companies specialized in the supply and installation of elevators inside and outside Egypt Our vision is to reach a high position in the Egyptian market to compete with multinational companies and leadership The elevator market in Egypt where we have achieved an important objective so far by installing more than 1200 elevators since the beginning of the company's work in the Egyptian market



Our Services

  • Supply, installation and maintenance of all types of hydraulic lifts - elevators without the engine room - automatic lifts - human lifts - food lifts " machine room / machine roomless"
  • Meet the faults in the fastest time
  • Preventive maintenance of the elevator monthly to avoid malfunctions and check the status of elevator equipment
  • Technicians trained in the latest methods of maintenance and installation of elevators
  • Provide engineering drawings for the elevator well

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